This is the blogging home of John-Mark Mullan. So why am I pretending to be called Jayber Crow?

Jayber Crow is the name of a beautiful novel written by a Kentucky farmer called Wendell Berry. It’s the life story of a country boy who goes to seminary, hoping to become a preacher. But he loses his faith, and goes and becomes a barber in a small Kentucky town. And yes, that’s about all that happens. It’s a quiet, wise, gentle story about the mystery of ordinary lives.

I chose it as the name of this blog because I wanted to lose my faith at seminary. Not in the sense of walking away from the church or my own desire to be a preacher of sorts. But in the sense of stripping away all the clutter and crap of religious culture that has attached itself to my life with God.  I hope I’ll have the honesty to voice my deepest questions and doubts, and the courage to pursue the truth wherever it leads.

I don’t think I’ll end up cutting hair, but Jayber’s barbershop represents the place of integrity. And in the end it seems he didn’t lose his faith after all, just let go of diseased religious habits so he could look for a real God in the midst of real life. If that sounds like a journey worth pursuing, come and join me for a bit…


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  1. Appreciated your quotes from MacDonald and Talbott on Jesuscreed yesterday, two authors I find very helpful. In MacDonald’s sermon “Justice” in Unspoken Sermons, he makes the same point Jeff Cook does that “just” must mean the same thing whether applied to God or to people.

  2. Jayber, any chance of a cut, wash, and blow dry?

  3. jaybercrow

    Any time Gary! Though my barber shop is more of a place for gathering and sharing stories.

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