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It’s always good to end the year doing something momentous, like posting your five favourite albums of the year. Here they are, without comment (except to say I know I’m a year late discovering the Avett Brothers album):

The King is Dead (The Decemberists)

I and Love and You (The Avett Brothers)

The Harrow and the Harvest (Gillian Welch)

Metals (Feist)

I Am Very Far (Okkervil River)

Happy New Year!




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  1. Ricky_mcallister

    Our lists are pretty similar this year. Feist got a great review from Uncut, and so from your plug I took the plunge this week. You’ve also inspired me to check out the Avett Brothers.

    Biggest disappointment? Kiss Each Other Clean by Iron and Wine.

    And if I was to compile my list now, Gillian Welch would be my top pick of the year. Got it too late in the year to appreciate just how mighty it really is, until now…

    Happy new year to you and the family.

  2. jaybercrow

    See Ricky, you should have come to the gig. There’s no such thing as “too Appalachian”…

    I’ll be surprised if you don’t love Feist and Avett Brothers. And yes, I listened to the Iron and Wine on Spotify and it just didn’t grab me at all.

  3. Paul Wilson

    I think that I listened to most of these last year, but I find that 2010-11 have blurred a bit. Anyway, some albums that stood out:

    Fleet Foxes, ‘Helplessness Blues’ // Vandaveer, ‘Dig Down Deep’ // Dan Mangan, ‘Oh Fortune’ // Elbow, ‘Build a Rocket Boys!’ // Marcus Foster, ‘Nameless Path’

    This last year I used Spotify a lot, though I eventually bought most of the stuff I enjoyed (not sure if that’s usual or not?). Spotify, when combined with’s scrobbling, makes for good discoveries.

  4. Paul Wilson

    Forgot to mention one: Josh Garrels, ‘Love & War & The Sea In Between’. A rare thing, in that it’s a Christian album that I actually enjoyed. At first listen, was a bit unsure of the Antony and the Johnsons meets Crash Test Dummies vocals, but grew to like it.

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